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About the Author

Coach, author, international consultant and turn-around expert, Marypat Cooper has been leading Kaizen and Lean Transformation for a quarter of a century. After graduating Phi Kappa Phi with a BA in International Studies, Marypat went to work for a west coast computer manufacturer in 1986, and has been overhauling processes full time ever since. In 1988, she benefited from round table participation with Dr. W. Edwards Deming and beginning in 1991, enjoyed over 15 years of tutoring by Shingijutsu teachers in her practice of Lean Turnaround.  As one of the first group of lean practitioners in the United States, Marypat was instrumental in the record-setting transformation of The Wiremold Company. She attended Shingijutsu training in Japan in 1992, and in 1996 was part of a unique behind-the-scenes work-study program in Toyota City.  Expert in the Toyota Production System as well as office and information systems, Marypat became a Senior Executive Consultant for Moffitt Associates, the consulting firm that coached 9 out of the ten firms listed in Lean Thinking. Her efforts to fully integrate Kaizen and continuous improvement throughout various multi-national corporations have resulted in record-breaking gains in productivity, quality and profit. 

As a Production Manager, Total Quality Director and Kaizen practitioner, Marypat’s direct teachers include Dr. W. Edwards Deming, Art Byrne, Masaaki Imai, Gary Brooks and Chirhiro Nakao.  Marypat’s work has been acknowledged in many books on lean transformation including Gemba Kaizen, by Masaaki Imai, and Better Thinking, Better Results – the Story of Wiremold Lean Transformation by Bob Emiliani.  She is acknowledged by name in Lean Thinking by Jim Womack and Daniel Jones and Who’s Counting? by Jerry Solomon.

Sheridan President Robert Coward brought Marypat to Sheridan Healthcorp in 2005 to demonstrate how Kaizen could improve corporate office procedures. Following a remarkable turnaround in Revenue Cycle Management (14 day reduction in DSO with 30% increase in productivity and massive quality improvements saving over 14 million dollars), Sheridan expanded the practice of Kaizen out to its clinical settings beginning in 2009. As of June, 2014, Marypat has led use of Kaizen in over 50 formal kaizen events at over 30 hospitals and surgical centers. Clinical improvements include 50% reduction of Length of Stay in Emergency Departments, 75% reduction of same day cancellations in Surgical Centers, implementation of nursing handoff standard work in Neonatology Intensive Care Units and Stroke Alert standard work in Radiology Units.

Recognized in 2008 for her contribution to the development of Lean Certification by SME, The Shingo Prize and American Manufacturing Excellence (AME), Marypat has successfully guided multiple candidates through the Lean Bronze Certification process. She has been a board member of AME Southeast Division since 2011. Because her aim to promote healthcare excellence through clinical lean leadership aligned perfectly with the vision of Dr. Mitchell Eisenberg, founder of Sheridan, Marypat joined Sheridan full time in 2009 as Kaizen Promotion Officer.